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About Us

Thanks for your interest in Deja Vu Collectibles.
We have been in business since 2000, offering a variety of dolls, animals bears, and toys.  We also offer a doll and animal repair service.
Until June, 2011, we had a store on Pine St., on Antique Row, in Philadelphia, PA, but are now selling exclusively on-line.
We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.

How to Contact Us

By e-mail:  carlendejavu@earthlink.net

By Mail:  Deja Vu Collectibles, Inc. P.O. Box 12328, Philadelphia, PA  19119

By Telephone:  (215) 991-9895

The Doll Hospital

These are "before and after" pictures of some of our previous "patients."  These are by no means the only types of conditions we can fix, so feel free to contact us about your problem.  Including a picture or two, if possible, would help us to provide an accurate diagnosis. Thanks.


This bunny's face was chewed off by the family dog.  It was cleaned and repaired, and provided with new eyes.

The composition doll in the middle had a cloth body.  The composition parts were cleaned, and a new body was made for it.

The picture on the right is the repaired version of the leather and bisque doll shown on the home page. The head and body have been repaired and reattached, and dressed in a new, custom-made outfit.


This composition and cloth doll was received with both rotating shoulder joints ripped out, extensive surface deterioration, and a cloth body that was dirty and beyond repair.  The third picture shows the same doll with a newly made cloth body, repaired shoulder joints, and complete repainting.


               before-picture.jpg     repaired-nude.jpg

This composition doll with cloth body was received in the condition shown on the left.  On the right is the same doll with the broken parts reassembled and repainted, and a new cloth body, made by using the old body as a pattern.

          morgan3before.jpg  morganfixed1.jpg

The dog on the left was originally stuffed with foam rubber, which deteriorated into powder.  On the right is the same dog after a thorough cleaning and restuffing with polyester fiber.

               spotty5before.jpg   spottyfixed2.jpg 

The dog on the left was received with no eyes, one missing ear (the other piece of brown fur is the tail), and only a trace of a nose.  It was restuffed, new eyes were added, the missing ear was replaced, and a new nose was made of black leather.